June 1, 2018

During 2017 I became interested in blockchain technologies and started to look for early stage projects to contribute to. TRON was in a very early development phase and seemed to be a good project to keep an eye on as the blockchain was being developed. In the first few months I became familiar by digging through the code because there wasn't any documentation available yet.

The first package i developed was wallet-web which was a web wallet for TRON. This allowed developers to generate new wallets, create and publish transactions. After that i started on a block explorer.

The first explorer was a React frontend without backend. It simply shows recent data by directly calling a full node HTTP api.

When the blockchain started to become more active, users wanted to search through the chain and browse older data. So I've developed a blockchain importer using Scala, Play Framework, Akka and Slick. The importer would scan the network for nodes and import blocks from multiple nodes in parallel to speed up the process. Parallelization was done using Akka Streams. This project became the most popular project in the TRON community and would later be taken over by the TRON Foundation to serve as their official block explorer.

In cooperation with CryptoChain i also worked on implementing Ledger support into TRONscan

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